Big data analytics in 2020


If you are working for a business, you obviously know that big data and analytics are the core of a business success. However, it is not easy at all to define whether those technologies will develop your company or vice versa. This article is going to present an overview of this year. Almost all entrepreneurs have already adopted big data and analytics as well as regarded it as their inevitable parts. But in 2019, we are not sure whether the technology can grow or can be replaced by another one. Let’s get started with some predictions for the upcoming year.

  1. Big data is dead, isn’t it?

Remembering back to the year of 2017, an analyst working for Gartner named Mark Beyer claimed that big data was totally dead; while another analyst said that big data was just normal data.

It is not important that you call it big data or just data, big data has been a big change in technology, which was born to remove huge burdens and difficulties on infrastructure management and data control. It is undeniable that very huge amount of data is still stored, utilized and analyzed on a daily basis from everything ranging from machine learning to decisions made by CEO. Although big data has now been so common and popular, it will never be fell behind.

People can see and find data in any location such as cloud, clogging networks, storage center and so on. Such huge amount of data will require us to update and upgrade our networks as well as tools to deal with. In this current year, we are going to see new challenges placed for big data as it keeps on growing and maturing. And it is up to how people deal with big data that both of difficulties and chances will be different in 2019.

  1. Politics and General Data Protection Regulation

In 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation went into effect in the Europe. In spite of the fact that this regulation is released in Europe, some other companies have already made sure that they will offer the similar security and privacy protections for their clients in order to make their business process simpler as well as maintain a good relationship between companies and customers. No matter where the customers live, they are provided with a good protection regulation. On the contrary, there are other organizations that do not take the regulation into measure. They continue employing new engineers with the purpose of controlling the privacy of data for the clients.

Entrepreneurs that are in need of agreement and comfort in every process in the company have to apply these regulations. While there are companies making effort to receive the agreement by taking advantage of new procedures, others are still on their way of preparing for what is going to happen as well as dealing with many issues currently.

What is more, some companies have delivered these security responsibilities to their Chief Security Officers. Even though the fines for not implementing the regulations are really huge, a lot of companies are still indifferent and not making any preparation for this.

In this year, the government may start to ask entrepreneurs to apply GDPR in their business operations to make them more alert when it comes to dealing with privacy as well as security of the data. In other words, online businesses will find making money simpler when they change their privacy policies into ones under GDPR policy format. Thanks to this, businesses can easily build a good relationship with their clients while maintaining safety for their companies.

  1. Last but not least, in 2019 people have already had enough computing power to complete the predictions in previous years

Few years ago, we predicted that cloud would even be replaced by the Internet of Things. However, today both cloud and edge computing will keep on maturing quickly due to the increase of data.

Because of the fact that delivering data from the infrastructure to the cloud can take us a few weeks or even years, it is really necessary to carry out some methods to shorten the time. The methods are also effective in terms of problems about data security and regulation in case data can not be transferred to the cloud.

Moreover, edge computing is vital for companies to control very huge amount of data. According to experts, the infrastructure edge is the main core of big data analytics as it is responsible for saving and controlling piles of data in an inexpensive manner when decisions of whether data should be reduced or trimmed are made.

Two years ago, the edge computing was considered to be able to replace the cloud in terms of usage and advantages because it was closer to the Internet of Things device or gateway than cloud computing.

Nevertheless, this is not totally true if we take all things big data related in the cloud into consideration. More precisely, cloud may generate a big conflict when it comes to the laws of physics in delivering big data at a very fast pace. Nevertheless, edge computing can create issues as well.

In addition, edge computing asks for both processing strength and storage, even more than that. Of course, data analytics tools are also among the requirements. Furthermore, we also need tools utilized to push data to the edge, others to federate through the edge and so on.

Currently, edge computing has already been upgraded to deal with those demands. It is able to power anything such as technological vehicles or autonomous ones and so on. Customers should be so satisfactory with the automation for everything from turning on something to fixing it. But stick to your mind that not only high – tech cars like self-driving ones are applied with edge computing but also daily items, even a normal car, are integrated, too. Society has been changed and revolutionized so much than that of a few years ago.

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